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So I thought I would put up a quick summary of the different tools I have looked at over the past 7 weeks.

Edmodo: (http://www.edmodo.com/) A social networking site for teachers, students and parents. I like the idea of this website, I think that it could be very useful as a communication tool for assignments and excursion reminders and the like. I just wonder what kind of expectations parents and students would have in regards to teachers accessing the site outside of school hours.

Diigo: (http://www.diigo.com) I found Diigo to be a fantastic bookmarking tool. I am still using it, now to bookmark pages that I like the look of for future lessons as well as assignments.

Google Reader: (https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLogin?service=reader&passive=1209600&continue=http://www.google.com/reader&followup=http://www.google.com/reader) I can see how this website will be useful if your classroom was one which had a blog for each student. However, I didn’t find myself using this account as much as I thought I initially would.

Audacity: (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) I LOVED using this program! It was so easy to use and I can see so much potential for it in the classroom, especially in Literacy for creating recounts and for publishing the student’s original work.

IrfanView: (http://www.irfanview.com/) I didn’t really enjoy this program, I have used Picasa in the past to do photo editing and I prefer that over IrfanView. I didn’t see any advantages of IrfanView compared to other easier to use (and visually more appealing) programs. Photo editing software will be useful in schools to help them to create collages, re-size images and add some pretty cool effects, I just don’t think this is one I would use again.

Animoto (http://animoto.com/) & Live Movie Maker (http://explore.live.com/windows-live-movie-maker): Overall I thoroughly enjoyed using both of these programs, they were both very user friendly and I could see how these programs would excite and engage students to present their work in a creative way using ICT.

Edublogs: Blogging over the past 7 weeks has been a brand new experience for me. Prior to this unit I had read a few blogs but didn’t really see how they could be put to use. Now it seems like everywhere I turn there is a blog! And I love it! I have had a lot of fun trying out the above mentioned programs and especially enjoy getting peer feedback and comments. It has been a great collaborative learning experience, seeing what others had discovered and trying them out for myself. I intend to continue blogging about my various encounters with technology in the classroom, and also hope that I can introduce blogging to my students when I am all grown up and fully qualified.

Kate 🙂

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